August 14, 2016

Raining Cats and Dogs

We need it! I hate August heat when the landscape begins to die due to lack of water. Not this year though. The lawn is lush and green and will stay that way. Over and inch fell yesterday and we are well on our way toward another inch today.

July 21, 2016


China King did not burn. They closed for a few days to install a new grill and a new kitchen floor. That's the story straight from Anita's mouth. I am going to get my lunch from there in about a half hour from now. I love their garlic shrimp with white rice. Yum!

July 08, 2016


My favorite lunch spot on Delaware has had a fire! China King will be out of service until they patch the place up.

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July 07, 2016

Anniversary Day!

This day, July 7, I moved to Indiana to live. I have been living here thirty-nine years!

July 06, 2016

New Server

Thanks to the generosity of Gayle Holtman I have built a new Linux server on hardware she provided me. Thanks Gayle!

Back from the dead

I found four more years of archives of this blog on an old workstation. I was not good at backing things up really, but still "four more years!" I can probably recover the pix, but putting them in their place is going to be a pain.

July 05, 2016

RIP "Lois"

RIP Noel Neill

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July 09, 2015

Yes, It's Coming Along

I am trying to understand what I am doing as I modify the default templates that are issued with this version of Movable Type 3.21 - not always an easy thing to do because html is a mystery to me.

July 07, 2015

It is raining

After a dry fourth-of-July weekend + 1 it has poured with rain in Broad Ripple. The electronic rain gauge is registering 1.5" now, but I will bet that the "real" rain gauge is fuller than that. Hang on another 45 minutes and I will be home to confirm.

July 05, 2015

Back again

Got to work on this. It is the 'default' display